Key Biscayne

By Monday, June 29, 2015

After some intermittent laptop trouble (don't break your wifi connector during an intense repair job), I can continue my American saga!

Deciding to go slightly off the beaten track, we drove down from Miami to Key Biscayne. If you're unfamiliar with Floridian geography, the keys or islands begin at the southern tip of the state and curve around until you reach Key West, which is extremely close to Cuba. There is, however, another set of keys slightly higher up and nearer to Miami. They get less tourism but are just as beautiful and have some gorgeous beaches.

We parked up at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park and immediately spotted something rustling in the trees surrounding the car park.

Raccoons! I know this is the equivalent of taking a picture of a pigeon back home because they're so common but raccoons!

These little guys were obviously roasting in the heat and were even panting like dogs but would get down from the trees and rummage around bushes for food when they felt up to it.

We also spotted bizarre-looking white ibises.

Through the trees we reached the coast - a surprisingly busy beach with pristine white sands. We've never been the type of family to sit on a beach and soak up the sun - mainly because we'd be burnt to a crisp - so we went exploring!

It should go without saying now that we were obviously struggling in the heat but it was worth it to see this fluorescent tape in the sand! Baby turtles!

We followed the path towards the lighthouse which took us under a row of tall palm trees.

We were unfortunately too late to climb the lighthouse as it was just closing but a park ranger let us look up the spiral staircase.

It was a shame we couldn't climb it but we still enjoyed sitting at the base in the shade and looking out over the Atlantic.

It was hard to believe that this is the same ocean as the dark and stormy waters back in the UK!

On our walk back this snake flung itself out of the shrubs and writhed around until it (presumably) died. We have no idea what happened or if anything attacked it but eventually stopped moving. I wasn't feeling brave enough to poke it and see if it was still alive!

We hid in the shade for a little while longer looking over the ocean. The area is a popular fishing spot and I kept seeing clear wire on the ground that I realised must be fishing line (number of times I have been fishing = 0). There were loads of designated boxes for loose lines as it's obviously really bad for marine life to ingest so my mission and good deed for the day was picking up every piece I saw! 

Our last stop was at the cafe in the park for a slushee-like drink (although they paled in comparison to the granitas of Italy!). We refilled our water bottles and waited for the car to cool down before driving back to Miami!  

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