Big Basin State Park

By Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Big Basin State Park allowed me to get up close and personal with the giants of California, the redwoods!

We packed everything out of the gorgeous house my family had rented and drove some of the craziest hairpin roads I've ever been on to get to this wonderful park. Despite having been to California before with my parents and brother, we had never visited any of the redwood forests the state has to offer. 

I didn't realise quite how huge the trees actually are! Even this fallen tree's width was still taller than me by a long margin!  

I could have happily explored the forest all day. The ground was soft underfoot and everything smelt amazing. We had a lovely picnic for lunch too!

Redwoods are very fire-resistant but also need wildfire to keep populations under control and to open their cones. You can see the battle scars on several trees.  

Driving back over the mountains again meant we had a fantastic view of the tops of the forest...

And just moments later, a hazy view of the Bay Area!

I was spoilt rotten during this long weekend and I can't thank my family enough! It was a fantastic break during a very stressful semester.

Pescadero | Moss Landing | Big Basin

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